About us

Tashidelek to all !


Me and my last staff

My name is Jigme Namgyal – founder of Kailash Guide , I am responsible for managing and organizing tours.

I was born in a Black Tent into a traditional nomadic family in eastern Kham Tibet.  I love learning new things, exploration, and have a strong interest in learning languages and about different cultures, including my own.

I speak Tibetan, Chinese as well as English. I have been studying English for 7 years, and have been working as a tour guide in Tibet for 9 years.

I am very proud and very privileged to be a Tibetan. I love my nation, my people, and my culture. I also developed myself in learning more about the history and culture of my homeland.
I very much would like to say how fascinating, how wonderful, how amazing, how beautiful Tibet is. And I would love to share all this with you.

We are the Local Travel Consultants

Planning a tour to Tibet has never been an easy task considering Tibet’s Religions-belief, Culture, Language and so on. The advice from local experts would add a lot to your tour.
Travel Agent at Kailash  Guide are called Travel Consultants. You will have your personal travel consultant and all your inquiry emails will be answered within 24 hours. We have a professional operation process. During your tour in Tibet, your travel consultant is always just a phone call away to make you feel confident and secured. He or she will be consistently making sure your tour is delivered as planned.

We are passionate about our customers’ travel. The slogan “You’re not alone with Kailash Guide” brings purpose and continued success for us. It is our huge and strong belief that Kailash Guide will see further achievements in years to come, and We are glad, you are the part of it.