How to travel to Tibet



Potala Palace
Potala Palace

If traveling to Tibet is something that interests you, I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed. Tibet is a place that is rich in history and culture, with sights and traditions that are solely indicative of their country. It is a place that is truly unlike any other in the world. Beyond the spirituality of Shangri-La and the images of monks that are so often associated with Tibet, lies a land that is as beautiful as it is mysterious. In actuality, little is known about Tibet, including how to travel to Tibet and what you need to get started on planning your trip.


Booking through Tibet at can guarantee you the most authentic experience and best package possible. We are enthusiastic about sharing our culture with you and can answer any questions you may have. Whether you’re wondering how to get to Tibet or how to get a Tibet travel permit, we can help you through it all, start to finish. When planning any sort of trip in Tibet, local travel agencies like Kailash Guide Travels are your best bet.

We try to make things as simple as possible for you, but there are a few guidelines that must be followed before you can embark on your Trip to Tibet. Travel to Tibet requires a Tibet Entry Permit for all non Chinese passport holding travelers. In order to secure this permit, you must apply for this permit at least 20 days before the date of your departure. This permit is the key to traveling throughout the country, as you will not be permitted anywhere in the country without it. For more information on permits and how to obtain them, just mail us .

As the “Roof of the World” Tibet may seem almost impossible to reach, but it’s not. Even though you cannot enter as a backpacker, you still have other ways on how you can get to Tibet. No matter where you start, you must enter Tibet through either our neighbor, Nepal, or through one of the many mainland Chinese cities. Hundreds of flights and trains depart from these cities daily. We are always ready to help you.

Tibet Permit and Visa Information

China has two kinds of visa system for Tibet :
A) Group Visa for tour group
B) Individual Visa
People may travel to Mainland China and Tibet with either a group visa or with as individual visa .Group visa has all the participants enlisted in one group visa and must travel together , both while entry and exit .   This is usually not practical if you are arriving with different flights .
Tibet permit for travel via in Mainland :
Tourists entering Tibet visa mainland cities should process your own individual China visa with chinese consulate in your resident country .   Mention only those places in mainland China to be visited (exclude to mention Tibet).  Once you have the Chinese visa on your passport then send us a copy and we will process your Tibet travel permits based on your itinerary.  Tibet permit is handed to you upon arrival in Mainland china before traveling to Tibet ( TAR).
Visa for Travel via Nepal:
Those entering Tibet Autonomous Region via Nepal , a group visa from the Chinese Embassy in Kathamandu must be obtained through a travel agent. In order to process a group visa and travel permit , you will have to provide us your passport details in advance.  And then we process the necessary permits and an approval letter is send to the Nepal Agency in Kathamandu. Upon your arrival in kathamandu .Nepal agency will help you to submit this approval letter with your original passport and additional forms to the Chinese Embassy in Kathamandu.
Currently the Chinese embassy in Kathamandu accepts visa application only on Monday ,Wednesday, and Friday from 09:30am until 11:00am . Regular visa processing takes 3 to 4 working days but with a payment for an emergency processing fee ,they can collect the visa on the same day.

Tibet Air flight

By plane travel to Tibet from Nepal Kathmandu and China is most fast way and convenience for you getting there , the Tibet airline is connection with the Nepal Kathmandu and China these cities currently ,below is the air flight schedule available for your option.

Noticed: Because the air flight times change every year, so for : flight time table is just for our client to reference

Arrival flight schedule

Destination Flight No Price Daily flight Departure Arrival Remarkable



Chengdu -Lhasa


CA4401 1500 1234567 07:50 0950 Directly
CA4403 1500 1234567 0720 0910 Directly
3U8697 1500 1234567 1405 1600 Directly
CA4417 1500 246 0555 0755 Directly
3U8695 1500 1234567 0630 0820 Directly
3U8657 1500 1234567 0800 0950 Directly


CA4112 2430 1234567 0900 1500 Via chengdu
CZ3183 2430 123456 0745 1400 Via Chongqing
Shanghai-Lhasa Mu2335 2780 1234567 0750 1415 Via Xian
Xian-Lhasa MU2335 1650 1234567 1145 1415 Directly
3U8687 1650 1234567 0750 1230
Xinning-Lhasa 3U8687 1610 1234567 1000 1230 Directly
Kumming-Lhasa MU5837 2070 1234567 0700 1035 Via Zhongdian
Zhongdian-Lhasa Mu5837 1380 1234567 0845 1035 Directly
Guangzhou-Lhasa CZ3463 2500 123456 0910 1405 Via Kunnming
Kathmandu-Lhasa CA408 2900 246 1045 1405 Directly
Chengdu-Nyingtri CA4431 1380 2 3 4 67 0730 0915


SC4420 1630 1234567 1330 1540 Directly
3U8633 1630 1234567 0840 1050

                                                 Departure flight schedule

Destination Flight No  Price Daily flight Departure Arrival Remark




CA4402 1590 1234567 1100 1250 Directly
CA4404 1590 1234567 1630 1820
3U8698 1590 1234567 1650 1845
CA4418 1500  246 1400 1550
3U8696 1500 1234567 0905 1055
3U8658 1500 1234567 1045 1240


CA4111 2430 1234567 1540 2130 Via Chengdu
CZ3184 2430 1234567 1505 2100 Via-Chongqing
Lhasa -Shanghai MU2336 2910 1234567 1540 2100 Via-Xian
Lhasa-Xian 3U8687 1650 1234567 1320 1735 Directly
MU2336 1650 1234567 1540 1810
Lhasa-Xinning 3U8688 1610 1234567 1320 1530 Directly
Lhasa-Kunming MU5838 2070 1234567 1125 1500 Via Zhongdian
Lhasa-Zhongdian MU5838 1380 1234567 1125 1305 Directly
Lh— Lhasa–Guangzhou CZ3464 2500 1234567 1505 1945 Via Kunming
Lh  L Lhasa-Kathmandu CA407 2900 246 1040 1145
Nyingtri-Chengdu CA4431 1380 23467 1000 1135


CA4419 1630 1234567 1410 1630 Directly
3U8634 1639 1234567 1010 1230

Noticed: Because the air flight times change every year, so for :above flight time table is just for our client to reference

the internal airline as Lhasa to Ngari flight is operate from 2009. there are every week two

flights fly between Lhasa and Ngari. The flight time around 90minutes ,and the airfare is 2600p/p.

Lhasa to Ngari

Flight No :CA4117 departure 0950—arrival 1130 Monday and Friday

Ngari to Lhasa :

Flight No : CA4118 Departure 1220-arrival 1400  Monday and Friday

Lhasa-Nyingtr No:

Nyingtri-Lhasa No:


Tibet Train

Since July-1st.2006 the Qinghai-Tibet railway began operations, for the tourist have one more traffic channel to access Tibet .and by train way travel to Tibet , You will get chance to experience the Qinghai-Tibet railway and enjoy the Qinghai-Tibet highland scenery by the train tour .

The following form is the railway operation schedule from china several cities to Tibet ,and from Tibet to china .if you consider by train to travel to Tibet you can reference below form to plan your Tibet tour .

For the detail information you can reference following schedule as we have recommend under.

The Qinghai –Tibet Train Schedule



City name Departure


Arrival Running


Ticket price Remark
Soft bed Hardbed
Z21 Beijing-Lhasa 20:10 14:30  42hrs  1189 766 Daily
Z22 Lhasa-Beijing 15:30 08;20  42Hrs      
Z164 Shanghai-Lhasa 19:16 17:40 47hr 1314 845 Next day
Z166 Lhasa-Shanghai 11;25 11:17        
T264 Guangzhou-Lhasa 12:10 11:28 54hr 1434 923 Next day
Z266 Lhasa-Guangzhou 13:10 19;26        
Z22 Chengdu-Lhasa 20:45 14:16 45hr 1104 712 Next day
Z24 Lhasa-Chengdu 11:45 08:16        
T222 Chongqing-Lhasa 20:23 14:16 46hr 1126 754 Next day
T224 Lhasa-Chongqing 11:45 08:13        
K917 Lanzhou-Lhasa 12;17 11:39 27hr 854 552 Next day
K918 Lhasa-Lanzhou 09:45 1016        
N9801 Xining-Lhasa 14:56 11:39 24hr 810 523 Daily
N9802 Lhasa-Xining 09:45 07:26        

Noticed: Unless the Beijing_Lhasa No Z21/Z22 train and Xining-Lhasa N9801/N9802 train have operate every day between both of cities, other train will departure the next day . According to the Qinghai-Tibet railway office regular , tickets for the Qinghai-Tibet railway train from China to Tibet, or from Tibet to China  must be booked 10 days before departure date. Otherwise buying train tickets is not possible.

Of course we are happy to help you book your train journey, please contact us at