Tibet Permit and Visa Information

China has two kinds of visa system for Tibet :
A) Group Visa for tour group
B) Individual Visa
People may travel to Mainland China and Tibet with either a group visa or with as individual visa .Group visa has all the participants enlisted in one group visa and must travel together , both while entry and exit .   This is usually not practical if you are arriving with different flights .
Tibet permit for travel via in Mainland :
Tourists entering Tibet visa mainland cities should process your own individual China visa with chinese consulate in your resident country .   Mention only those places in mainland China to be visited (exclude to mention Tibet).  Once you have the Chinese visa on your passport then send us a copy and we will process your Tibet travel permits based on your itinerary.  Tibet permit is handed to you upon arrival in Mainland china before traveling to Tibet ( TAR).
Visa for Travel via Nepal:
Those entering Tibet Autonomous Region via Nepal , a group visa from the Chinese Embassy in Kathamandu must be obtained through a travel agent. In order to process a group visa and travel permit , you will have to provide us your passport details in advance.  And then we process the necessary permits and an approval letter is send to the Nepal Agency in Kathamandu. Upon your arrival in kathamandu .Nepal agency will help you to submit this approval letter with your original passport and additional forms to the Chinese Embassy in Kathamandu.
Currently the Chinese embassy in Kathamandu accepts visa application only on Monday ,Wednesday, and Friday from 09:30am until 11:00am . Regular visa processing takes 3 to 4 working days but with a payment for an emergency processing fee ,they can collect the visa on the same day.