Tibet Folk song and Dance

Folk song and dance

Generally speaking Tibet is known as the “Ocean of song and dance”. In the process of struggling with nature ,  the people of Tibet plateau have learnt to adopt a positive attitude towards life. The different regions or prefecture of Tibet has its own unique song and dance . There are also differences between the song and dance of nomads and farmers. For example :  In the nomadic areas “Gorshey” or circle dance and threat singing are more popular ,  while in the farming areas Nangma or classical song is more popular . Beside these , the upper Tsang has its own special song and dance called Toeshey and the forest region of Kongpo has its particular song and dance that is performed along with Tibetan guitar .

In Tibet most of the people are quite carefree and cheerful , so they sing and dance not only during festivals but also while doing their daily works.