Tibet Prayer Flags

Prayer Flags

In Tibet you can see prayer flags on passes and on the roofs of all the houses .

It is almost like the symbol of Tibet and it has a history of at least more than a thousand years. Originally it was used mainly as a military sign . Different tribes had their own particular flag to represent their identity . Gradually ,with the introduction of Buddhism into Tibet the military flags were turned into religious prayer flags.

Today the main purpose of putting up prayer flags is to bring good fortune and keep away obstacles .Prayer flags have five different colors which represent the five elements of nature .The blue represents sky ,white represent cloud or wind ,red represents fire, green represents water and yellow represents earth.

They show that the harmony of these elements is so important for the health of our Mother Earth .

If the elements are not balanced or harmonious then the world will be suffer from disasters. Therefore  ,by putting up prayer flags up onto the mountain and on the roofs, Tibetan pray that the blessing of the sacred words on the flags spread everywhere and the world be in peace and happiness .