Tibet Traditional Medicine


Tibetan traditional medicine has a long history as a holistic theory and method of treatment. It is believed that the Buddha Shakyamuni manisfested himself into the Medicine Buddha and taught the science of medicine to the first human doctor , Saga Rigpa Yeshe. Later , in the 8th century ,the royal doctor Yotok Yonden Gompo compiled the four medical tantras based on his own knowledge of medicine and by adding more information and skills that he learnt from Indian , Chinese and Persian doctors. In Tibetan medicine, the main cause if diseas is ignorance or delusion and the secondary cause are the three humours; which are wind , bile and phlegm. We become sick when these are not in balance or harmony. Tibetan doctors ask many questions, check pulse, urine, and do other physical checks to find out the patient’s problems. The main treatment includes herbal medicine, blooding-letting, spiritual healing and massage etc. One special feature of Tibetan medicine is that we have to consider the doctor like the Buddha and the medicine like his blessing. Some diseases are not cured by medicine as they are Karmic diseases . For these patients the doctor would recommend praying to the medicine Buddha, doing prostrations and releasing animals. It is also believed that our health is related with the outer and inner elements